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Compliments and blessing for year 2019. A big thank you to the team that assisted me to make the deadline of the book launch. You have done well. Thanks for excellent service. It was a great success.
Kevin Rensburg - Wells of Eternal Worth

Our joy is overflowing. The books were just delivered. Holding them, seeing, smelling and feeling the superior quality, is even better than what we have imagined. We lack the right words to express our deepest gratitude. Therefore please accept a THANK YOU for having exceeded our expectations. We expected great, but seeing the quality, is even better. Thanks for the journey - the patience, professionalism and wise guidance we have received from every single one we have encountered on the Reach team. Our gratitude to ALL of you.
Leon Klein and Fredeline Klein - Developing the Character Within the Ambassador Learner

We often are reluctant to trust in business, but I am glad I took this leap of faith. Reach Publishers are ethical, helpful and professional. They put their clients' needs first.
Vivian Aumuller - Turn the Page and Close the Book

Thank you so much for all the guidance and help. I can't wait to finish my next book for Reach to help me again. You guys are the best!!!
Fazlin Ismail - What Is Love?

Reach Publishers were outstanding. I had no idea how to go about publishing my own book and they guided me every step of the way. I can recommend them and intend using them for my next book.
Gary Robertson - South Africans in London

A lot of professional effort and thought went into the publication of my book and the end result was most pleasing and presentable. Much thanks.
Mary-Ann - Messages from the Heart

I have received compliments regarding the book's presentation and it has been admired.
Merilyn Tomkins – Praise The Lord In Song

The manuscript received an enthusiastic response from Reach Publishers. Editing service was efficient. We were given a number of covers to choose from. The manuscript was in an outdated computer format, so had to be retyped, which was done promptly. I am happy with the end product and given a choice, would not change the decisions made.
Paula Dwyer - ‘How to Catch Time, Before it Catches You!' and ‘Time management Workbook'.

I certainly would not have published it without the expertise and assistance coupled with the faith you all placed in me. Tons of love and good wishes.
Dawn Hutchinson – Yes I Know

Hi Thora, Rakhee, Sally and Warren
Thank you all for your fantastic job in getting my book published and making my dream come true. I am so happy that I chose you guys as my publishers as I have absolutely no regrets. I look forward to working with you all in the future.
Kind regards

Dyna-Lee Govindasamy - Your Destiny Lies In The Hands Of God

For a long time now, I have been uneasy, heavily burdened by a deep desire to share my ideas with the world. As a first time writer, I was met with massive challenge of getting even the slightest of attention from publishers. At times, I was tempted to give up on the idea of publishing my own book. It was not until I got in contact with the Team at Reach, that my dream was re- awakened. My sincere, most heartfelt gratitude to Reach for their patience, support and high level of professionalism. They patiently and very humbly helped me transform ideas into a tangible manuscript. Through their unparalleled experience, my dreams became reality. I would recommend reach publishers to anyone, at any given time. Once again, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.
Lehlohonolo Makhakhe - Choices

Hi Thora/Warren
I want to very kindly express my gratitude, thanks and appreciation to the staff of Reach Publishers, especially Thora and Rakhee, for the excellent manner in which they assisted and guided the whole process from the planning, preparation to the publishing and the despatch stage of my book. I want to also mention the very amicable manner in which my suggestions were captured and the many ways the various ideas were put together to refine the quality of my book. Thank you Rakhee. I am planning a book launch very shortly and would like all of you to attend. Once again thank you very much. Please let me know when my book can be accessed through Amazon.

Ramesh Ramgoolam Mathura - From Destitute To Doctor

I am greateful for the opportunity I had to work with Reach and wish to work with you more in the future. You took me from scratch and guided me step by step to publish my book in places I never dreamed I would reach. The book is getting a warm reception by a small number of people so far despite its controversial content. I hope I will have an opportunity to thank you again properly in person someday in the future for the professional job Reach has done on my book. I thank everyone I have made correspondence with and all those who have contributed to my book at Reach.
Tehuti Ankh Amen Tsedek - Jesus' Biological Father, Revealed

When I completed my first novel in 2005, I wanted it to be published. Knowing how difficult it was to be accepted by a publisher, I decided to self publish my novel. After a little surfing on the Internet, I came across the Reach Publishers website and after reading what they had to offer, I contacted them. The staff's professionalism, eagerness and friendliness in assisting me placed my mind at ease. The editing and cover design as well as quality of the novels off the press was of a very high standard. I would certainly recommend any budding author to approach Reach Publishers and have peace of mind just like I did. Regards.
Dennis Peterson - Valdor and the Mountains of Roskilde

Reach Publishers facilitated trouble free production of my book. I have limited time and based in Johannesburg, and still the process went smoothly. Reach provides excellent ideas, but allows the author the freedom to make the final call, which I really appreciated. I was impressed with the final product. Regards.
Vivian Reddy – The Carpenter's Story

Dear Thora, Matthew, Sally, Gail and Reach Team. I type this e-mail with only the use of my left hand (am right-handed) having taken a cortisone injection on my right hand for a very sore tennis-elbow. As you know it is not from the game of tennis but from churning away at my computer for many, many long months that I developed the condition. I have only Reach publishers to thank for an accomplishment that I am more than happily going to strike off my bucket-list (write a book). I love my book and how you turned my words into a quality product. I thank you for firstly your patience with all my unexpected hiccups over the past few months and mostly I thank you for your hard work in making my dream come true
DR Ruwaida Peer - A Thousand Orange Angels

Without wasting time, let me express my sincere gratitude to you guys for your loyal support, to get my book self-published. I really don't have words but 'A BIG THANK YOU' to you guys (Reach Publishers) and your dedicated team. My novel, Smoke Of Forgiveness is doing very well both local and abroad.
Nelson Tshabalala - Smoke Of Forgiveness

I thank Reach Publishers from the bottom of my heart. This is my first book and Reach Publishers believed in me even though I doubted myself. The service and support from ALL at Reach Publishers are phenomenal. I had 50 books printed initially and 2 weeks later: I need to print more copies. It is people like you guys at Reach Publishers who add value and inspire authors to do better and bigger. Once again: Thank you times a million!!
Zelda Claassen - Mirriam, Engel Van God

I found the service at Reach was professional and succinct. For the first time in my journey to getting published, I feel as if something has been accomplished, thanks to Reach. I would suggest any young author contact them and to become self-published through them, instead wasting time trying to get published the normal way.
Garret Farmer Brent - Twisted Earth

So a big thank you to your entire team for making this possible. I have enjoyed working with Reach Publishers, as throughout the entire process, you have honoured your word, so my experience has been that of true professionalism and client satisfaction. I look forward to a long term relationship with your company.
Hilary White - Change Your World To Be The Best That You Can Be

Reach Publishers is everything I was told a publishers is not. They are friendly, caring, patient and cost effective. From the moment I made contact with them I knew that these were the people I wanted to entrust my precious manuscript to. Their guidance and professionalism throughout the process ensured that we worked together as a team and the end result met my very high expectations.
My next book will be published by reach.

Derrick Dixon - Changing Gears and Changing Direction

I would like to thank Reach Publishers for helping me to reach and achieve my dream. The service was excellent. The team are very helpful and the information they supplied about marketing your book is of a very high standard. Thank you and my second book will be in your helping hands very soon, there is no competition.
Johan Schwab - Die Belangrikste Brug

Please would you pass on my thanks and appreciation to all at Reach Publishers for the most pleasant and professional service that I received in the printing of my book. From the outset you were all most helpful and informative and if there were any delays in the project any any flaws that may have slipped through they were almost certainly from my side, not yours. From your editor, Gail Kruger, to Warren and Prebashni and indeed from Rissel Veenman herself I was impressed by the interest you showed in the product and your fulfilment of the contract to final delivery. I would not hesitate to recommen d your servic es to any aspirant author.
Peter Hawthorne - The King's Eye and John Vorster's Elbow: Reporting the Nelson Mandela Years

I found my first venture in publishing with Reach Publishers to be very rewarding. The entire staff were most helpful in piloting a way through the minefield of a first publication. When I held the first copy of my own book it was indeed a birth to savour. Since then I have enjoyed the entire experience of being published, which included both compliments and criticism of my work. It has all been an incredible experience from which I have learnt a great deal. The ongoing support and discussion with my publishers has been a source of motivation to me. I recommend Reach to any aspiring author without hesitation.
Ian Campbell-Gillies - Hopetown

Thank you so much for making a life long dream come true, seeing my own work in black and white is truly a blessed feeling. Even though the road ahead is hard and filled with a lot of ups and downs, I know that Reach Publishers is always available to help and give advice when needed. You are definitely a force to be reckoned with and promise to deliver but always deliver more than promised. Thank you so much for your hard work.
Yvonne Swanepoel - Unemployed! Get employed - Do it yourself

The experience I had with self publishing my book had at first been a rather daunting one. Not knowing what to expect the girls at Reach had guided me through every stage. I can only thank Prebashni for her kind patience and understanding as well as her publishing expertise. Thank you girls for being a friend when I needed one. There were times that the entire process seemed so overwhelming. There were a host of issues to consider like the editing, layout and cover design. If it hadn't been for Prebashni and Thora's encouragement I would have just given up the entire process all together. When I recall my experience with Warren one sentence keeps repeating itself. "If properly advertised and marketed, your book will sell very well!" His words had inspired me in the end to tackle a rather difficult marketing and advertising campaign, which I believe will be a successful one. Thank you Sally for your words of encouragement. To Gail for editing and to Elaine for proof reading a rather hefty manuscript. It is only now that I realise just how difficult a job it is! All in all, thank you Reach Publishers for making my dream come true!
Carol Erasmus - If the Shoe Fits

I found Reach Publishers' service very professional! They were willing to assist in any way possible where I needed advice and quick in responding to it. They are a caring and friendly team of people that shares the writers vision. They made me feel my book was their top priority.
Rache Gerber - A Great Day for Gwylim

Deciding to do my book through Reach Publishers proved to be a most sensible move. The highly professional service during the layout and editing stage made my life much easier. There is no chance that I, as a non publisher, would have been able to cope with the manifold legal and registrations required in putting together a publication. Many thanks to Reach Publishers-Prebashni and Thora.
Ron Ausin - Back to Basics

I hereby would like to thank Warren Veenman and the staff of Reach Publishers for the excellent service I have received at a very competitive price. Thank you for the help with the editing of the manuscript, it was done professionally and the quality of the binding and the finishing of the book was beyond expectation. I also want to thank you for the improvements you have made to the cover and the printing was done exceptionally well. I have already recommended some of my colleagues to make use of your services
Winston Botha - Intercede Effectively

I would like to thank you and all at Reach publishers for your help and effeciency. For me the entire process from sending script to publishing was quick and trouble free. I especially liked the personal interaction during the process. The result is a book that is appealing to the eye and well made.
Allan Parkinson - Is the Moon Made of Cheese?

If one had to sum up your ser vice in one word, it is&am p;am p;nb sp;'superb' I would want to say it really feels good to be quoted and end up with a higher than expected quality. The book has a high quality finish. Your service is a high standard as the targets were met timeously. I am in the middle of writing another book. I sure will send it to Reach Publishers and no one else. Thank you
George Maphane - What is Marriage?

I have really had a wonderful time working with Reach Publishers. I was really blessed to meet your wonderful and friendly staff. Being a first time writer, the guidance I received from the professional editor you assigned to me, Judy van der Walt, was priceless. I look forward to dealing with you on my next editions. Thank you very much. With lots of love
Likopo Samudzi - Who is the Barbarian?

I found your help in publishing my book invaluable - in fact I doubt if it would ever have seen the light of day if it hadn't been f o r your help, experie nce and en couragement. I was shocke d whe n I f ound out how little I would receive by publishing it conventionally, and worse losing control of my own work. By publishing through Reach I retain the rights to my own work.
Lesley McAlpine – 2 books – Guide To Retirement Places

Compliments! I highly appreciate the professional service l received from you as publisher. I commend you mostly on the continuous contact and feedback I enjoyed from you. I had to choose a cover from more than 20 options your graphic designers sent through, and that was amazing. You gave me a perfect content layout, and most of all that reasonable affordable total cost. I'm currently working on my next book, surely to be published through Reach Publishers, you are the best. Thanks.
Motsumi Mathe – Take Control

I am recommending your service to as many people that I come in contact with. So I am happy with your service. I am just waiting for three people to come back to me on Ongulumbashe before sending you the English translation.
Paul Els – Afrikaans and English version of Ongulumbash

To be very honest with you my book has been so well received that people cannot get enough reading of this book. The first reaction of customers buying this book is the comment of the beautiful glossy cover and the finished product. I am very glad that I chose you guys to be my publisher as the service you gave me was sterling. You were so patient and understanding and always ready with good advice during the production of my book. Thanks for the excellent service, your patience and regular feedback that I received during the publication of my book from your company. You guys kept contact with me until my book was published. What a fantastic product. Once again thank you.
Jafta Stephens - Jesus our Beautiful Promise

I consider the motivating and inspiring impact you had in the process of getting my work published a vital important contribution which has lead to a striking end product, destined to change the lives of those who come into contact with it for the better. Your commitment speaks of excellence. With your proven track record as best selling authors I consider you as dynamic and successful as the team you personally hand picked to provide a service as unique and professional as those in need and want of it - our future generation of aspiring writers. Soon after having followed your instructions and guidelines on marketing my book after its completion, a large reputable publishing agent took immediate interest and offered to distribute it nation wide. To Warren , Sally and Reach personnel, thank you for helping me in the making of a dream come true. Yours truly.
Iyun Smith - The Ultimate Wealth Creating Opportunity – The Truth About A Formidable Threefold Power Revealed

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Reach Publishers that have made this such an incredibly fascinating experience! I believe it's been memorable and colourful in so many ways!
Shafinaaz Hassim – Daughters Are Diamonds

The service rendered by Reach Publishers is of high and good quality and readers of my books have been particularly blown away by the meticulously cover design of both books as well as the font used on the pages of the books.
Dr B.T. Buthelezi – 2 books – Fan the Flame and The Power of Purpose

It was really great doing this self publishing with you. Thank you for your friendliness and constructive advice. The book looks great and everyone thinks you did an excellent job. You were always quick to respond and things ran like clockwork. I feel I have made friends rather than had ‘business dealings' with Reach Publishers. It is great to feel that I have you in my corner. I am getting ‘sock knocking off' feedback from all over.
Margie Heslop – Half Fledged She Flew

March 19th was certainly a lucky day for me. In the Sunday Tribune there appeared a writer's competition sponsored by Reach Publishers and although my entry did not win the grand prize, I did win in the long run by this introduction to a previously unknown publishing firm. Their highly professional handling of that competition plus dedication to fairness and objectivity throughout was most impressive. The result was that I decided to have my entry - CONS IN CONSUMERLAND - published by them. Had I not done so, my book would not have been left to moulder in obscurity but Reach's encouragement from the outset right through to the final publication gave me enormous enjoyment and personal satisfaction. Nothing was too much trouble for Reach's dedicated staff. At no time was I pressured into making hasty choices of format or cover whatever, but instead was encouraged to take my time and express my own wishes. I may add that I thought their cover suggestion was brilliant. Throughout I always felt that true professionals were there to advise and help me and I cannot thank Reach Publishers enough for their guidance and caring attitude.
Colleen Shearer – Cons In Consumerland

Reach helped our dream become a reality! Authoring a book was always a dream of ours; little did we know how simply we could, with the help of Reach, turn it into a reality of over 23 000 books!
Dean Mathieson and Dave Blakemore – Better Marks in less time with more fun

I did a search for self publishing in South Africa and your website came up. I contacted you and you were very helpful and led me through the whole publishing process from beginning to end. I was a little nervous in the beginning as this was my first book being published and a lot of money was invested into this venture. I was very happy with the outcome and look forward to you publishing my second book this year. Reach Publishers are professional and get the job done first time correctly. As a specialist in customer care training and consulting, Reach publishing is definitely the right publisher to be with.
Howard Badler – Quality Customer Care

The service that you gave me was very valuable given that I was a first time author. I really had no idea of how to go about things and given that you are in the industry, it just took that concern right out of my hands. I have done a lot of my own marketing but the real value that I found through Reach was that you got my book into bookstores. I doubt that I would have been able to do that alone. A further positive was the radio and newspaper reviews that I have had which came directly through being associated with Reach. Given all of this I would definitely recommend you to others and as you know that's exactly what I did. You have since published a friend of mine's book – Wise woman from Tekoa. Thank you for your ongoing support and I pray that our business relationship will continue to be fruitful to all concerned.
Karen Pieterse – Mosadi

Please accept my sincerest thank you for not only the very professional manner with which you have dealt with my publishing process, but also for your coaching and the way in which you dealt with all my many questions and initial insecurities. I have recommended you to a few would be authors already as you take the fear out of the publishing process. The design of my book cover was perfect without me even having had to prompt the initial concept. You simply provided such a good range of possibilities that I believe it covered quite a few options and gave me a wonderful choice. The editing was highly professional and the quality of my book is often commented on very positively by those who see it. I will most certainly use Reach again !
Lynne Robinson – Wise Woman From Tekoa

From day one, until my book was published you guys were a dedicated team and I was made to feel part of the team. In fact the service I would say was excellent. Thanks to Warren and Sally for the great job they have done. The advice and support I received was overwhelming. Thora, thank you for the guide line brochure and the advice, it is of great help.
Vanitha Chetty – Who Stole The Rainbow?

Our first book “Unleash Your Full Potential” was rejected by a number of publishers worldwide. Steadfastly believing in our book, we decided to turn to self-publishing. This book has currently sold in excess of 250,000 copies and is still selling. We have since self-published several more books. All because of our initial decision to self-publish!
Authors: Warren Veenman & Sally Eichhorst
We pride ourselves as being one of the top self-publishers in the world and have helped many authors make their book a huge success.

Some of the books we have helped publish have become bestsellers, others have been accepted by large publishing houses worldwide for reprint and translation rights.

There is no reason why your book, with the correct professional production process and marketing cannot be a success as well.

Most potential authors feel overwhelmed by the prospect of publishing their own book, as they feel that it is too involved and expensive a process. However, they are often pleasantly surprised at how easy it is, as well as how reasonable the cost is. (Visit us at What We Offer to see exactly what we can do for your book)

If you are considering self-publishing, let us help you produce and print a quality book and show you how to market it to the world. Not only do we have a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude, but we also have the experience to back it up.

So, if you are looking for a professional and caring organization to help you publish your book, an organization that is cost effective, reliable and will produce a quality product you can be proud of, then we may be your answer.

We can proudly say that we have been in operation for over 20 years and are well established and known in the African market. This is an advantage for African authors, as we know the best way to get their book recognised both locally and worldwide. We are just a phone call away and handle each book very personally and professionally.

So take control of your book’s destiny and self-publish. If you have the will, we have the way.

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