Reach Publishers - Well done on the excellent service in the production of “Daring Dragons”. A very remarkable team indeed - efficient, accomplished and totally dedicated. I was amazed at the way production fell into place and my books were delivered to me precisely on date. Keep up the splendid effort!
Nishi Singh - Daring Dragons

I simply could not finish this book without expressing my sincere feelings of gratitude and pleasure that I derived from working with such a wonderful professional team at reach publishers. Warren and Sally Eichhorst, the owners of this brilliant business earned my respect and trust from the very first time I made contact with them. Thank you all for the incredible input and for guiding me wholeheartedly through this entire project. To Brenda Daniels my editor thank you for taking this on and doing such a great edit.
Karen de Charmoy - What Happened?

Hi Reach Team, This is just a small note to say thank you for the contribution you made to my book, The Starting Point of Planning a Wedding. You are professional, creative and experienced to guide anyone towards the best solution, at any given point. The biggest advantage is the fact that you are authors yourselves, makes it so much valuable, because you can assist authors with what you have done, not only theory. As for Prebashni, you could capture what I wanted so well, before it was verbalized out of my mind. Your huge asset is, the ability to accommodate ideas as they evolve out of a creative mind, realizing that an idea does spark off other ideas. Thank you.
Magadi Mohasoa - The Starting Point of Planning a Wedding

As per our discussion earlier today, the books arrived. They look out of this world! I hope people will find the message contained in them both interesting and useful. You guys are magicians! I cannot thank you enough. Regards
Wilson Mgiba - Bridges and Ladders

Honestly, I have never, ever. experienced such good service from any other company, EVER!! When I mailed around for a quote from various self-publishing companies, none of them had the courtesy to reply, up till today. I never knew that staff could be so helpful. Every query I had was dealt with professionally, and immediately. To me, even if one of the other publishing companies had to reply, and give a better quote, I would still prefer to do business with Reach Publishers, just because of your professionalism, your staff being so courteous, especially Prebashni. Reach publishers are so lucky to have you on their team. I don’t know how I would have coped without you being at my side 24/7!!! I could pick up the phone anytime of the day, and you would assist me as best you can. You are truly an asset to Reach Publishers. I can’t thank you enough for all your encouragement and motivation you gave me. Prebashni, you are the best at what you do. I feel that if you should leave Reach Publishers and go elsewhere, that is were I will take my business as well!! It is because of people like you, and the company you work for, that I will do my second and third book with Reach Publishers. Thora, you too did an excellent job. Thanks for your patience with me and explaining pricing over and over again to me, until I understood! To you Prebashni, all I can say to you is thank you for being such a unique human being and possessing such admiral qualities. I look forward to the New Year and working with Reach Publishers on my second book. Lots of love, Hugs and Kisses
Quanita Abrahams - The Magic Stairway

I would like to thank Reach Publishers who was instrumental in the realisation of my dream to write a Children’s Book! Your company gave me a very professional service and the outcome of the book is fantastic! I’m in the process of writing my second book and will definitely approach Reach Publishers to assist in the production of the book. Regards
Johan Schwab - Die Belangrikste Brug

As a first time author and self publisher I was very nervous about a lot of things. However the constant reassurance from Reach Publishers helped to settle me down. I like the comprehensive package that Reach offers to writers at an affordable price. I was particularly impressed by the high level of dedication, professionalism and timely correspondence from Reach Publishers staff. I will definitely recommend your service to would be self-publishers. Keep up the good work. Kind Regards
Gibbon Bogatsu – Reclaim Your Power and Keep it

It was an enlightening experience! One always dreams of writing your own book, but when it gets down to the doing it can get intimidating very fast. I can only say that you have made the whole process very uncomplicated and I have enjoyed the experience. It was so much fun. Your people are very professional and so helpful, they made a intimidating experience seriously fun. I am already planning my next book. I can't wait to do this again.
Helena Marais – Frikkie die Vlooi

I enjoyed working with all of you very much and felt your service was superb. You were all like family to me and so very helpful while I fumbled around learning the ropes, and actually I miss you! The quality of my book is frequently remarked upon.
Glendyr Stavrou – The Adventures of Drongie the Smidget

The process took much longer than originally expected mainly due to the illustrations, however, the outcome was great. I found working with Prebashni a pleasure as her turn-around was very responsive and the illustrations are world class
Colin A Bloom – Dolly and the Dark Pirates

I thought that the service was wonderful, professional and excellent value. The queries were dealt with promptly and the staff and the owner himself treated me with friendliness.
Edrees Hassan – My First Sports and Activity Book

As a "new author" the idea of self-publishing my own book initially seemed totally overwhelming with a path fraught with danger. The service from the team at Reach Publishers was from the onset excellent. Editing of the book was executed in a most professional manner and regular feedback was provided. Their dedication is truly appreciated and in the end this experience was a pleasant and painless journey. I will gladly refer to anyone that requires a publisher that delivers outstanding service.
Irene van der Schyf – Decoding Long-Term Insurance

I was very happy with the interactions between Reach Publishers and myself.
Keith Geimre – Unpacking Life

Deciding to use Reach Publishers was a first for me and most certainly not a last. From the beginning to when I received the printed books was a pleasant journey and I really had no hitches. Each of my queries, emails, telephone calls were handled with a utmost professionalism taking away any stress or concern, thanks. Having said that Reach always made me feel like part of a team guiding me without taking away my own thoughts and creativity in the story and this was most important to me and I would imagine any writer. Sadly once the book was completed and I received my marketing package I still wanted to hold onto the months of teamwork I had enjoyed but I knew it was time to move on to the next stage of my book, that of selling. Thank you Prebashni, Thora, Brenda and Sally. I'm ready for the next publication.
Jean Engebrecht-Marx – Huberta The Untold Story

We would like to tahnk Reach Publishers for their help and assistance to publish our first novel. As first time writers we were faced with the daunting task ahead but after looking at various options on the internet, we decided to go with Reach Publishers. A personal meeting with them encouraged us to such an extent that we felt confident and enthusiastic about the success of our project. Not only were they friendly and extremely helpful, but they also passed on valuable ideas and tips on how to get the best out of our efforts to market the book. Their cover design proved to be eye catching and very effective in drawing people's attention to the book. The good quality of the printing and binding of the book was the cherry on top, and we are glad that we have decided to make use of their expertise and know how. We will definitely recommend them to anyone who considers going this route.
Herman Beukes and Leon Meyer - Babylon Quest for Love

My book is neat and professional. You are the best publishers, most people say it is too good to be true, especially the price. Thank you again for making my dreams come true.
Jeanetter Gabonnwe – Ramakgasa

I found Reach Publishers supportive, always giving me good advice and on the editing - they discussed all aspects of the book eg layout, pictures, cover design as well as word choices thoroughly before any decisions were made. I received excellent advice on promoting the book and each time I tried to follow my own instincts I had to revert back to their advice, because they obviously have more knowledge and insight into their industry. The personnel is warm, friendly and has a sincere interest in our story - I can recommend their services to anyone who wants to publish a book.
Thys van Mollendorff – Dare to Care

I am very happy with the service I got from Reach. Especially now that I am trying the editing/publishing thing myself. I can now see the timeit takes to read through and edit a manuscript. Reach handled all aspects of the project professionally, efficiently, timeously and were always friendly, helpful, polite and patient. The cost to get the manuscript print ready throught Reach was minimal and the service was excellent. I have absolutely no complaints and will definitely make use of Reach again in the future.
Chantelle Gradidge – Treasures of Darkness

Reach Publishers were recommended to me by a friend, Sean Bastable, who had found them to be professional and efficient when had a book published. I have to concur with Sean that I found them to be just that throughout the process. Also they are so willing to assist and ensure that the author of a book gets exactly what he or she would like but assisted with their excellent talents of editing and layout. Thank you to the whole team. I definitely got my money’s worth.
Vicky Ireland – The Legal Aspects of Dying

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